Canon Creamery produces creamline milk, cheese curds, and nutrient-dense beef on our family farm in West Middlesex PA. Our family has lived on this land since the Revolutionary War (we have the land grant to prove it!) and we are 4th and 5th generation dairy farmers. Before the 1940s, our family bottled milk on the farm and delivered a milk route.  Then, we joined a co-op and started shipping all of our milk. Dad always dreamed of bottling milk on the farm again. And now, thanks to a grant from the state, we’ve built our own creamery and brought the tradition back. Some of our milk still gets shipped and made into mozzarella, but the rest is processed here on the farm for our local community. 





We work together as a family everyday. We milk 110 cows and pasteurize the milk ourselves. We don’t homogenize it, so it stays creamy and delicious. 

We offer plain whole milk, crave-worthy chocolate milk, and a rotating selection of other flavors. We also make fresh cheddar cheese curds. It’s dairy that our oldest customers recognize from when they were kids and our youngest customers are delighted to discover. 

We prioritize care of our land because healthy land = healthy cows, healthy cows = healthy milk, and healthy milk = healthy families. From the solar panels that power our creamery to the butterfly sanctuary in our fields, we are committed to conservation. Read more about our farming practices

When you come to Canon Creamery, you’re getting real dairy from a real family that cares. Whether you’re at the farm or enjoying our milk at home, you’re one of us. Welcome to the clan!

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